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A Special Note to Diocesan Leaders:

We work closely with diocesan stewardship, evangelization, and catechetical leaders as partners in ministry. In fact, when we talk with diocesan leaders with whom we already work closely, they often use the words above to describe us. We are grateful they find our ministry with them beneficial, and hope you will as well!  We provide inspiring and informative keynote presentations, workshops, days of reflection, and retreats. We also develop engaging and affordable resources, designed with you and your parish leaders in mind. 

If you have worked with us in the past, we invite you explore this site and the many opportunities that are reflected here, as many of our offerings are new or have been fine-tuned in the past 18 months. In looking at our newer offerings, one diocesan leader exclaimed, "What I love about this is that your have built on all of your experience and expertise to develop this.  Even though this is new, it is a natural extension of what you shared with us fifteen years ago!"

If you have not worked with us before, know that it would be our privilege to partner with you in the future. If you would like to talk with any of those diocesan leaders we mentioned earlier, please contact us here and we'll get you in touch with them. While every pastoral situation has its particular challenges, joys, and dynamics, we know their positive experience with us will speak volumes.

As you explore this site, know that all of the presentations and training that are described can be offered as a diocesan initiative, and in fact, we believe this is most helpful to the parish leaders you guide and serve. You know the special energy that happens when leaders come together, and you also know the benefit of their developing a common vision and approach to ministry and servant leadership. It will be our blessing to explore possibilities with you. Contact us here to begin the conversation.