We are all called to evangelize.

What does it mean to evangelize, and how do we engage our parishioners, leading them to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others? These are questions that are at the heart of our ministry as parish and diocesan leaders, and the very mission and meaning of Christian discipleship.

Our Catholic Life and Faith team is ready to partner with you to provide timely, interactive evangelization presentations for parish leaders and for parishioners. You'll find a sample of session titles and descriptions below; these are representative, but not exhaustive. While our content is thoroughly prepared through careful study of available data and the best practices of parishes, we tailor each day to meet your needs, hopes and dreams for your parish.

To explore an evangelization presentation for your community, contact us here.

Parish Missions, Retreats and Days of Reflection

We offer a variety of opportunities to inspire and form parishioners as disciples who share their gifts and faith with others. Our parish missions, retreats and days of reflection are tailored to meet your needs. Frequent themes include faith that impacts life; a spirituality of stewardship, the importance of belonging within the community of faith, and living the sacraments of initiation.

The Bridges Leadership Series

The Bridges series offers leadership formation in order to build the engaging and evangelizing community. Link to our Bridges website here. We offer live and virtual formation and training through day-long and multi-day workshops and retreats for dioceses and parishes.

Engaging and Partnering with Parents

Learn from current research and the best practices of parishes in order to engage parents and partner with them in the formation of their children. This interactive and dynamic day is a favorite among diocesan leaders as a workshop or retreat process, sometimes combined with elements of the Bridges Leadership Series.

How to Share Your Faith (without being annoying)

A great way to encourage parishioners to become comfortable with evangelization in their daily lives, and to help leaders to identify elements of parish life that may be enhanced or adjusted in order to maximize evangelizing potential. How to Share Your Faith may be as brief as an hour after Sunday Masses, and may be combined with leadership training during a weekend event.

For our newest and most integrated evangelization processes, explore the ways we may build bridges to living faith! Go to Bridge2Faith.net to explore in greater detail.