Grateful Disciples is Your partner in Parish Stewardship

Grateful Disciples is a collection of resources and help for parish stewardship teams, regardless of their experience in forming their parishioners as disciples and stewards. Link here to explore all that Grateful Disciples has in store for you.

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The Grateful Disciples Guide

The Grateful Disciples guide begins with a foundational exploration of the vision of stewardship as a prayerful, living, response to God's grace in our lives. The guide highlights six key steps in bringing this vision to life in the parish and among parishioners. This unique guide will be available in early October. Sign up here to receive notification when the guide is ready.

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Grateful Disciples Web Resources

The guide is only part of the story. Stewardship leaders understand the importance of communication and formation as they invite parishioners to embrace stewardship as a way of life. Grateful Disciples equips leaders with many foundational materials, offered as downloads on the Grateful Disciples website. Additional resources such as bulletin articles, a study guide, introductory video, worksheet masters, and planning tools are provided with the Grateful Disciples guide, so that stewardship teams will be ready to lead their people to live as grateful disciples. 

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Grateful Disciples Workshops, Retreats and Mentoring

Beginning or sustaining stewardship in the diocese or parish often benefits from Grateful Disciples Live Events and/or the support of an experienced, knowledgeable mentor.

The Grateful Disciples Mentoring Partnership, includes monthly materials, processes, and templates for on-going stewardship formation, and bi-monthly virtual coaching meetings, focused on aspects of the process explored in the Grateful Disciples guide.

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