Experienced. Caring. Partners in Ministry.

A special note to parish leaders:

We know the joys and challenges of parish leadership first-hand, whether as a staff person or parishioner leader. We have worked closely with pastors and parish teams, partnering with them as they take steps to transform their parish into true communities of disciples. We are ready to walk alongside you as well, and know that sometimes, bringing an outside perspective can make all the difference. 

Parish leadership days, retreats, live and virtual training

Draw all of your leaders together for a day or weekend; help them grasp the importance of the role they play in your parish; form them as servant leaders; build community; develop a strong sense of mission among leaders and in your parish. We are ready to work with you to design and develop a process that will meet your needs and help you establish or sustain engaging parish leadership now and for the future. Click here to learn more about our parish leadership processes.

Parish consulting

One day or a weekend is not sufficient to establish new or renewed life in the parish. That is why we offer consulting, rooted our desire to partner with you in ministry. We bring extensive experience to our consulting, offering guidance and perspective that is rooted in deep theological reflection, understanding of current research, and taking into account the best practices of hundreds of parishes with whom we have ministered in the past fifteen years. We regularly work with parishes to:

  • Gain clarity about and align members with your parish vision and mission
  • Build parish engagement using the Gallup ME25 engagement survey
  • Use a positive approach for planning, for your parish or ministries and organizations within the parish
  • Begin or grow strengths development
  • Establish or sustain stewardship as a way of life
  • Form parishioners to build a more engaging and evangelizing community
  • Develop faith formation for all in the community

Explore possibilities

Contact us here to explore possibilities for your parish. It will be a privilege and blessing to partner with you!