Popular Presentations

We are often privileged to have the opportunity to speak at conferences and diocesan stewardship days, including the International Catholic Stewardship Council's annual conference. Below are the PDF copies of some of our recent presentations. Thanks to all who organized and attended the conference, another great gathering of discipleship and stewardship leaders!

Link here for recent stewardship conference slides and handouts.

Engaging People as Disciples and Stewards When the parish becomes a community of disciples who are living and growing as good stewards, people's lives, the parish, and the world are transformed.

Building Bridges to the Heart of the Community Deepening commitment and establishing a participative parish culture through a parish covenant. 

Following Pope Francis' Lead: Forming Stewards in the Evangelizing Community Connect our call to live as good stewards within the evangelizing community, and our responsibility to build bridges to all we touch.

Forming Teens and Their Leaders as Stewards of Their Talents Helping teens discover their God-given talents increases their sense of purpose, hope and well-being. 

Stewardship Makes a Difference! This keynote presentation introduces key elements of the spirituality of stewardship.

I'm Spiritual, Not Religious: How Stewardship Makes a Difference This presentation presents an overview of the current religious landscape in the Western world, including a glimpse into those who identify as Spiritual But Not Religious and those who are unaffiliated.