We are called to be disciples and to grow as good stewards

Establishing or sustaining stewardship as a way of life is a dynamic process that takes understanding, planning, and time-tested strategies for success. That's where our Catholic Life and Faith stewardship leadership training and presentations come in. We know that there are moments when diocesan or parish leaders need help, whether you are ready to shape your first stewardship plan, need ideas to get you over a particular obstacle, or are ready to build on what you are already doing, to more deeply engage people as disciples and stewards.

We offer keynote presentations, workshops, leader days and retreats. New resources and training have been developed for parishioners, staff, and clergy as we strive together to build parishes that lead people to live as disciples and stewards. Contact us here to explore possibilities for your diocese or parish.

The following are sample descriptions of workshops offered in diocesan and parish gatherings in the past. Contact us here to discuss a presentation to meet your needs.

Building Bridges to the Heart of Your Parish

Stephanie Moore recently presented this workshop on identifying and carrying out your parish vision at the International Catholic Stewardship Conference. Click here for the slide PDF, and here for the worksheet used during the session.

Engaging People as Disciples and Stewards

It seems everywhere we turn someone is talking about it: how do we really engage people, leading them to faith and calling them to discipleship? What is the impact of the parish in leading people to live as good stewards of all they are, have and will be? Numerous studies and the experience of pastoral leaders highlights the importance of the parish community in drawing people to Christ and to faith which is lived in daily life. Learn and share together.

Calling Your Community to Live as Disciples and Stewards

All we are and have is a gift, given to us by God in trust, drawing us to respond in gratitude. As good stewards, we tend and nurture our blessings, bearing fruit with increase. This interactive session focuses on a spirituality of stewardship and the role of the leader in fostering stewardship as a way of life.

Discipline in Discipleship

Even looking at the two words, “discipline” and “discipleship,” we can see that they are deeply connected. Following and learning Jesus’ way surely calls us to adopt a certain discipline about our lives. How do we draw people to the discipline of discipleship? In what ways can our parishes and schools lead people toward Christ and out to others with the Gospel message? Explore discipline in discipleship in this interactive session.


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